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Almond FB Classifieds Component for Joomla! 1.5,2.5,3.x (with facebook interface)
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Try demo to see main script features. You can submit 'test' ads. Keep in mind - demo ads are not real !
Features of FB Classifieds Component (with facebook interface)
Facebook Interface to Classifieds Component (general info)

Classifieds Component for Joomla! can be used as facebook application and as website version with facebook authetification API and social plugins.

The Facebook Platform enables you to make your classifieds service more personalized and social. You can mix and match Facebook's APIs to best meet your goals. Social plugins like the Like button and the activity feed enable you to offer social experiences. Facebook enables you to remove the registration process for your site by enabling users to log in to your classifieds service with their Facebook account. Once a user logs in to your site with his or her Facebook account, you can access the user's account information from Facebook, and the user is logged in to your site as long as he or she is logged in to Facebook.

Social plugins let you see what your friends have liked, commented on or shared on sites across the web. All social plugins are extensions of Facebook and are specifically designed so none of users' data is shared with the sites on which they appear.

    The following Social plugins are included into the Almond Classifieds script:
  • Authetification. When a Facebook user authorizes your application, your application gets access to the user's Facebook ID. By default, your application can access all general information in a user's profile, including his or her name, profile picture, etc.
  • Activity Feed. The Activity Feed plugin displays the most interesting recent activity taking place on your classifieds service. Since the content is hosted by Facebook, the plugin can display personalized content whether or not the user has logged into your site. The activity feed displays stories both when users like content on your site and when users share content from your site back to Facebook.
  • Recommendations. The Recommendations plugin gives users personalized suggestions for pages on your site they might like.
  • The Like button lets users share pages from your classifieds service back to their Facebook profile with one click.
  • More info about facebook interface can be found here.

  Almond Classifieds can be installed as a component for Joomla! content management system (versions 1.0, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7). This component includes the following main features:
General Features
  • PHP/MySQL driven classified ads;
  • Multiple categories for classified ads;
  • Users can place ads with photos;
  • Browsing ads sorted by pages, displaying latest ads first;
  • Preview photos thumbnails can be created by the script automatically;
  • A lot of parameters for configuring Classified Ads features and layout;
  • Admin. can specify the time period before ads expire.
  • Javascript checking ads submitting form before sending to the server.
  • Password protected editing, renewing, deleting of ads by owners so that only original poster can modify or delete an ad ;
  • Privacy Mail, which hides the e-mail addresses (optionally set up by admin.);
  • Optionally redirect all privacy mail messages for ads owners to admin, sending copies of privacy mails to admin;
  • Ability for admin. to modify or delete any ad via Web interface.
  • Admin can get e-mails list of ad owners of each category for using it in e-mail list programs.
  • Admin. can create as many ads categories as it is needed. For each category the set of ad fields (such as price, city, age, area, etc.) can be specified in different formats such as "text", "textarea", "select", "checkbox". For each ad field the search criteria - search for ads with keywords in the field or search for ads with field value in some numerical range ( for example, price field ) can be specified ;
  • Admin. can set the maximum size of the ad fields, max length of words in the fields, max. size and max. numbers of photos and media file in the ads;
  • Users can search ads by keywords through all ads fields using fulltext mysql index;
Facebook Interface
    Using facebook interface gives the following new features:
  • Admin can choose if any user (including facebook users) can place ads, post privacy mails or only facebook users can do it;
  • Classifieds visitors can see facebook profile pictures and names of ad owners and visit their facebook profile pages;
  • On the ads details pages users can post their comments for ads using facebook social plugin and see comments of other facebook users;
  • Using Like button users can share ads pages from your classifieds back to their Facebook profile and view profiles of users who recommend these ads to other users;
  • Facebook users can post privacy mails to ad owners and ad owners can visit facebook profiles of users who sent them privacy mails;
  • Visitors of users' profiles on facebook can access to classifieds service and use it as facebook application with facebook canvas page and facebook URL;
  • Almond classifieds can integrate with all aspects of the Facebook user experience. Your application's primary page views come via the canvas page, an iframe hosted by Facebook at http://apps.facebook.com/your_app/ that points to your application;
Spam Guard
  • Optionally verification code can be applied to prevent using automated spamming programs for ads placing, sending privacy mails, membership subscribing.
  • Admin can delete the list of spam ads using search by spam keywords, spammers e-mails or IP addresses.
Using Google AdSense with Almond Classifieds
  Google AdSense matches ads to your site's content, and you earn money whenever your visitors click on them. AdSense for content automatically crawls the content of your pages and delivers ads (you can choose both text or image ads) that are relevant to your audience and your site content-ads so well-matched, in fact, that your readers will actually find them useful. More info about AdSense   Almond Classifieds has three groups of pages which are very attractive for placing AdSense banners on them. These are top pages with categories list for each city, pages with list of ads in each category, ads second pages with ads details. Last two groups of pages have more specific themes of each category (e.g. real estate, auto, services...), so using AdSense for content will be very effective as only appropriate relevant banners will be shown. Using Affiliate Network Classifieds edition allows to place your AdSesne banners on affiliate sites and increase your income.   AdSense banners are placed on some of our classifieds demos.
  All Almond Classifieds scripts are open and not encrypted, so webmasters have full access to all scripts files.
    The followings are required:
  • Webhost server running a Unix operating system;
  • PHP(version 4 or higher) and MySQL, properly configured and installed;
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