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Fee Based Membership Sign Up With On-Line Credit Card Processing
  The majority of on-line billing companies (www.clickbank.com, www.ccnow.com, www.ccbill.com, www.ibill.com, etc.) work in the following way: Merchant subscribes with such company ( for free or for some fee) and receives an account on the server of this company. Then in this account he specifies the prices and URLs of the finish pages on which users will be directed after money transfer is made. Then he makes links to the on-line billing server from the Web page from which he would like to sell his goods. ( in our case this is the page for membership subscription). When a user clicks on this link, he will be directed to the on-line billing server which returns the form for the submitting credit card information. Then the server makes credit card verification and if everything is O.K., it directs the user to the finish page that is specified in the merchant account. After some period on-line billing company sends money check ( or makes money transfer on the bank account) to the merchant on which all on-line payments during this period are collected.

  We recommend you to use www.clickbank.com site for on-line credit card processing. On the link "Sign Up" of Almond Classifieds you can specify (in config file) URL to your www.clickbank.com account (you will know this URL when you have clickbank account), then as finish page on your account you can specify URL of membership subscribing form, in our case this is URL of mbsubsc.php script. So, when a user clicks on the link "Sign Up", at first he will be directed to www.clickbank.com on-line credit card processor, and when payment is made, he will be directed by clickbank.com to script mbsubsc.php Classifieds Subscribing Page. How to create an account for on-line accepting credit cards , how to specify URL to your account and how to specify finish page URL you can read at www.clickbank.com.

  If you are admin and use a method that differs from mentioned above for accepting membership payment, you can make money transfer in your way and then submit membership information (password, login, membership period, services allowed, etc.) manually via Web based interface to the membership database.

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